Personal In-Home Care Services For Senior Citizens!

Compassionate Care by MEDRelief Staffing is a private duty home care agency that provides non-medical services for home care. We offer unique community based personal care services to residents in Houston and the surrounding areas. Our caregivers provide in-home care, personal services, elder care, respite care and companion services. Our goal is to keep you or your loved one living independently, safely, and comfortably.

Our philosophy has always been that we deliver the best services and the best value to all our clients. As a division of MEDRelief Staffing we have the foundation, reputation, and longevity to assure you of the best quality care. Our agency has met the strict standards for staffing from The Joint Commission (TJC) and has been accredited since 2006. We are licensed by the state of Texas through the Department of Aging and Disability Services (DAS). This ensures that we are meeting and exceeding the regulations and guidelines for providing home care and recommending social services for our clients.

Personal Home Care Service From Professional Caregivers

When you choose Compassionate Care by MEDRelief Staffing you can be assured that you will experience the safest, highest quality and the best value care across all services. We will work for you and keep your schedule. We have proved our services over and over in Houston and have the best and most influential medical institutions among our clients.


Professional Caregivers For Happy & Healthy Lifestyle!

There are many things we can do to help ourselves turn back the clock. The most important may be what we feed our bodies. There is a lot to be said for the old saying "You are what you eat". Certain foods do have the power to make us feel better and are definitely healthier. If you stack your diet with antioxidant rich veggies, we can fight inflammation. The kind of inflammation that contributes to aging is constant and is linked to many chronic diseases, cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. It may have a role in Arthritis, Alzheimer's, and Osteoporosis.

The most powerful food groups to help aging start with fruits and vegetables. Pile your plate with them. Green leafy veggies and spinach are excellent for your eyes. They are also rich in vitamin K that helps with blood clotting and reducing bone loss which in turn prevents fractures.

The second addition to our list is to eat plenty of protein. As we age we lose muscle mass and begin to pile on the pounds. To prevent muscle loss and to keep you feeling full after meals eat lean meats and plenty of chicken and turkey. We must add plenty of minerals and that can come from low fat milk and yogurt. The probiotics in yogurt will also keep your gums healthy.


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